I Am Dutch

Welcome, fellow Hollander!

Don’t fret.

The sweet, sweet nectar of securing a great deal has drawn many a Dutchman to this exact page.

You are not alone.

First, all of your burning questions answered:

  1. Why don’t we just set the price of Whillo lower instead of offering a discount? Because discount codes allow us to track which marketing is working and which marketing isn’t. Also, we Dutch always want discounts even if the price is right.
  2. Can we get more than 40% off? Technically, you can listen to some of our content for free on YouTube and on our Catalog page. These are just samples, however. To get access to the full library of Whillo content, a subscription is required (and no, we can’t give out better discounts).
  3. I already have a Whillo subscription. Can I still get a discount? Yes. And no. If you signed up to Whillo online at Whillo.com, you can apply a discount code to your account that will discount future subscriptions (see our FAQ section for details). If you signed up for Whillo via the app, we can’t apply discounts retroactively due to limitations of the Google Play and Apple App store. Please contact us and we can walk you through how to get a discount anyway.

Now for the whole point of this page…

Here is how to save almost 40% off your Whillo subscription:

  1. Annual plans save around 20% compared to month-to-month plans (for example, an annual Gold plan works out to $9USD/month, a monthly Gold plan is $11USD/month). There is your first 20%. To learn the difference between Bronze/Silver/Gold plans please visit https://whillo.com/#pricing
  2. Use the discount code STROOPWAFEL for another 20% off of any of our plans. Yes, an annual Gold plan can be had for just over $7USD/month! (Tip: Remove one pack of stroopwafels from your diet per month and you’ve got yourself a Whillo subscription).
  3. TO USE THE DISCOUNT CODE YOU MUST SIGN UP ONLINE as we can’t offer discount codes when signing up via the Android or Apple apps. Once you’ve signed up online you can then use the same credentials to access the Whillo app.
  4. Here is a screenshot of where the discount code goes (you’ll see this screen after you set up an account and select a plan at https://stream.whillo.com/signup):
    Add promo code to Whillo
  5. Once you’ve subscribed, BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL for a confirmation email that contains links to the Whillo apps. If you do not receive one please check your spam folder (and be sure to move the email to your inbox).
  6. Happy listening!

P.S. (If anyone has good deals on stroopwafels, let us know)

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