Samples FFTE

Highly experienced and multi-award winning audiobook narrator. Incredibly skilled and talented, also by far the most expensive. She has an English/British accent on this one but can adjust to American if preferred.

(Please note that this sample recording is of poor audio quality. This narrator was travelling when she recorded this and did not have the luxury of a recording booth. For the actual narration the quality will be perfect.)

Mary J.

This is our CCS librarian who has read a lot of children’s books. Audio quality quite good.

“Aunt J”

Experienced narrator, good audio quality.

Courtney E.

Male narrator with good audio quality and very experienced.

Jack M.

Do not have a sample for FFTE from Greg quite yet but you can hear a sample of his voice by going to our home page and listening to “Missionary Stories and the Millers” sample at the bottom of the page.

Greg B.