Whillo Studios

Are you a pianist who has considered producing their own album, but just never had the knowledge or equipment to do so?

Or do you love recording audiobooks, but don’t know how to do so at a professional level?

A singer who’d love to have your voice professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered?

Whillo Studios can help!

Based out of southern Alberta, we can (and have) worked with both in-person and remote musicians from across the world.

Here are some of the options we can currently offer to interested musicians and groups:

Have a choir, quartet, event, concert or anything else that you’d like recorded?

We can help!

We have three different options for recording to fit all budgets:

  • TIER 1: Up to 2 microphones that are meant to capture the most versatile general sound. Think of this as a person finding himself the best spot in a concert hall to listen to a recital. This is our most basic recording option and is great for smaller choirs, topics, etc.
  • TIER 2: Up to 4 microphones (2 perspectives) that grant more options in the mixing process after recording. In this case, mixing is the process of blending the different microphones to yield the best sound. This is particularly useful in that it gives the artist the ability to experiment with different perspectives. For instance, a choir may sound too ambiguous if the mics were placed a bit too far. With an additional set of mics that were placed close to the choir, we now have the option to blend the “close” and the “far”.
  • TIER 3: Up to 10 microphones (if required). This is meant for bigger choirs, bands, orchestras, pipe organs etc.

Microphones available included multiple Townsend Labs Sphere L22 microphone, Rode NT1, various Neumann microphones and more!

  • Access to a professional recording booth with a variety of high end microphones, audio interfaces, and recording software.
  • Expert assistance and guidance from an experienced musician and audiobook narrator.
  • Great for singers and narrators who want to record at a professional level.

Example of recording in a non-sound treated space:


Example of recording in the Whillo recording booth:


Pianists often find themselves in a tricky spot when they want to make a recording: typically their instruments are often not of very high caliber, or, if they are, they may not be well maintained or in tune. They are also often not placed in the best acoustic environment and don’t have access to high quality recording or production options.

What Whillo Studios offers:

  • Access to a world class Grand Piano (Shigeru Kawai SK-2) and state-of-the-art 6-microphone array to record your next piano album.
  • Expert recording setup and advice during your recording session.
  • Access to an audio engineer with extensive experience in mixing and mastering instrumental albums.
  • Done-for-you recording, editing and splicing, and album production (album cover art, CD production (if requested) etc.)

In short: we take care of everything that is typically considered the musician’s nightmare (recording, editing, production, publishing, and distribution), you just show up and play!

Piano recording sessions are available in 3 hour or 6 hour blocks and grand piano recording and production packages start at $675

We have access to a large library of pre-recorded digital instruments including complete collections of woodwind, brass, percussion, and stringed instruments. We also have libraries of high quality sound effects that can be added to both musical and audiobook productions.

Adding one or multiple instruments to a vocal recording (or as accompaniment to a solo instrumental recording) can add significant production value to an album.

For example, compare these two audio tracks:

Singer, without instrumentation (recorded by Whillo):

Singer, with Whillo-produced instrumentation:

Interested in adding an orchestral backing tracking to a song (or complete album?).

Adding an orchestral backing to an audio file can add tremendous production value to choirs, soloists, quartets or anything in between! We can take care of everything from writing to producing orchestral tracks.

Singer, without orchestration (recorded by Whillo):

Singer, with Whillo-produced orchestration:

Please contact us via the form below for more details on this service.

Mixing and mastering is the “unsung hero” of the music and audio world, but is one of the most critical parts of having an album sound “professional”.

Having an audio engineer mix and master an audio file can be the difference between “neat!” and “WOW!!!”.

For example, here is a track recorded by state-of-the-art microphones (no adjustments, raw recording):


And here is that same track after it has been mixed and mastered by a professional audio engineer:


Need help with getting your next album to sound right? Let us know!

Pricing starting at $375/album.