Story Bible Samples

  • Average narrator reads at a rate of about 9400 words PFH (Per Finished Hour of Audio)
  • Total Word Count for the Old Testament is estimated at: 158,000 Words (approx 17 hours of narration)
  • Total Word Count for the New Testament is estimated at: 150,000 Words (approx 16 hours of narration)
  • To estimate cost multiply narrator PFH rate by total hours of narration required
  • (Notes: OT Bible manual count. 20 pages counted at total of 9402 words. 337 Pages total.)
Maryjane L.B.

$185 USD/PFH

Daniel B.

$1000 USD/PFH

Marty McC.

$250 USD/PFH

Shelley B.

$325 USD/PFH

Maureen E.

$200 USD/PFH

Jeffrey L. H.

$250 USD/PFH

Jessica Hu.

$215 USD/PFH