Wambu Audiobook, Missionary Stories, Music Updates and More!

We have 5 new audiobooks that are being added to Whillo for September 2022!

First, (for the first time in audio format!) Wambu: The Chieftain’s Son. Written by Piet Prins, narrated by Craig Roberts, and produced by the Whillo team, Wambu’s gripping story tells us about sin, evil, and God’s goodness, as well as jungle life, hunting, and the customs of the aborigine people of Papua New Guinea. A very popular story for older children and young teens. Books 2 and 3 in the Wambu trilogy coming soon!

Next, the first volume of Missionary Heroes is now available. This is a 4-Volume series that we will be releasing over the coming months.​ Exquisitely narrated by Sara Wilson-Soppitt and produced by the Whillo team, this book explores the stories of missionaries throughout the ages, from Paul the Apostle, to John Williams, to David Livingstone and many others. Excellent listening for teens and adults.

Christian Stories for Young and Old, narrated by Jacqueline Oudshoorn, is a collection of short stories about remarkable events in the lives of Christians, timeless lessons, and cautionary tales for both young and old. A worthwhile listen.

By popular request, the Fourth Volume of Aesop’s Fables (animated narration by Jacqueline Oudshoorn) is now also available. Great listening for children!

Another of the Thornton Burgess Books, “The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse” has been added as well. Youngsters will enjoy listening to the adventures of the plucky vole and his friends as they explore Farmer Brown’s orchard, the Old Briar-patch, and the great big world of the Green Forest.

Wambu: The Chieftains Son Audiobook
Christian Stories for Young and Old Audiobook
The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse Audiobook
Missionary Heroes Audiobook

In Other News:

1. We are very excited to announce that Daniel Kim is joining the Whillo team! Daniel is an award winning classical pianist, orchestrator, composer, and a music educator. He will be recording, producing, and curating a collection of music including Psalters, Hymns, Psalms, duets, solos and more. Several of you have submitted requests for specific music already, and we’d love to hear from as many of you as possible! Please submit your requests to https://whillo.com/requests/.

2. For those of you with active Whillo subscriptions you will now see a “Coming Soon” section near the top of your app with samples of some of the music you can expect to hear on Whillo later this year. Daniel Kim has already produced orchestral versions of two Psalters; Psalter 278, “The Tender Love a Father Has” and Psalter 400 “Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah”.

We are also working on recording the complete Psalter with the talented musician Helen Verhoef playing organ; a sample track of Psalter 52 is available in the “Coming Soon” section.

3. A wise old man once said: “There are two kinds of people: those that have signed up for Whillo, and those that haven’t quite yet signed up for Whillo.” For those that have not quite signed up for Whillo we’ve recently updated our Catalog Page so that people can preview samples of the content that is available. We’ve also adjusted the layout and added a small synopsis for most titles. See the new Catalog Page here.

4. We’d really love to hear any feedback on our audiobooks, and please don’t hesitate to let us know about any issues that you come across when using our apps or website. Reach out to us any time at support@whillo.com

Happy listening!

The Whillo Team.

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